Beginner Longboarding Tips – All You Need To Know

Longboard Tips

To longboarding starters, you have lots of concerns or confusions that haven’t been uncovered. The longboarding seems to look like easy to ride but actually, it's not. If you are not provided with its basic knowledge, you can be hurt anytime or face healthy problems. You may have a perfect longboard or a professional instructor, yet you don’t dismiss our following tips as we make sure you will have the most informative beginner longboarding tips.

1. Try riding a longboard before purchasing it

Our very first advice is that you get to know how actually a longboard works. Many of you feel like it from the first sight without touching it or riding it. To the new players, you can look extremely stupid when you put your foot on a longboard at the first time. Being fall or being slid can be an unavoidable thing. So you can borrow one from your friend to feel if you are able to play it or simply make sure that you won’t be afraid of it. We only hope that you won’t invest your money in a not- for- you sport.

Try riding a longboarding

2. Invest money in a good longboarding of well- known brands.

Many people think that they no need to buy a good longboard right away because they just initially get into this sport and investment for a better one can be done afterward. Thus, some beginners normally buy the cheap one at first without foreseeing the unexpected consequences. The most important part of a longboard is the gear. The expensive price or the cheap one of a longboard is up to the gear quality. A good quality gear will limit players' injuries risk. Besides, it can last its durability no matter what hindrances or impediments you face.

Hence, you surf the net to read some different reviews and get references of some researchers.Another way is you can get questions for a long time player you know. At least, he can support you in choosing a good one. Figure out what the basic structure of a longboard includes. Find out how they work and materials of them. You can learn to fix them by yourself via online tutorials video on the Internet. In case, there are not serious problems, you can correct them without heading to mechanic stores.

3.Buy safe devices.

Longboarding is an interesting sport but it is dangerous as well. A player needs to know the method of balancing and handle the obstacles and collisions. Therefore, some protective objects to decrease your injuries risk are seriously recommended. A helmet is a leading equipment you need to have. Riding a longboard means you can encounter the scratches of falls, high speed, and mistakes. Your head will be safe in case you are hit on the ground. You are a beginner, so this is a must item in your bag.

In addition to the helmet, knee pads, wrist pad, elbow guards or longboarding shoes are advised too. A pair of right longboarding shoes will allow you stable movements firmly. You need to choose one that fits you and bring comfort in each step. Besides, you also should get references of pads of knee or wrist and the elbow guard. A longboarding beginner is likely to get falls or collision with bumps, therefore, these small items are highly essential to you. If you do not want your knee or wrist get scratches or blood, buy them right away before taking a ride.

Longboarding Shoes

4. Get used to the falling

Balancing on a longboarding is a big challenge and to professionals, they must experience falling before mastering this riding. Somehow, you will get injuries and we believe bruises or scratches will not terrify you anymore. You know that no pain, no gain right? So just go for it. Falling at least makes you feel the longboard and control it better. Getting over this feeling, you will succeed in riding a longboarding.

5.Try your best to master the speed.

The most popular tip to slow down your speed is dragging your foot on the ground. This way really works and is easy to apply for everyone. In case, you can't control the speed, you can jump off the board or roll it out. These ways can lead your longboarding to get some crashes or collisions. We recommend you only select the braking method you can feel like it or it's suitable for you. No matter what method of braking you choose, you should practice it on a regular basis and in a safe environment.

what size longboard should i get


Here are main five beginner longboarding tips we suggest for you. To succeed in any types of sports, you need patience and practice again and again. These tips are just for you to get references. Read them carefully and watch tutorials videos to get the best instructions. We hope this article can

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