How To Buy The Best Longboard? Check Out Effective Tips And Tricks!!

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How To Buy The Best Longboard?


New to the longboarding world? Looking for some effective tips and tricks in order to buy the best longboard at the most affordable prices? How to buy the best longboard is not a tough query to sort out if you have the right guide to follow. You need not worry a bit if you don’t know what way to select while buying the longboard. Most of the riders do feel they are a lot smarter including me. So you are probably not as far behind as you believe in terms of buying a longboard. For sure, with my own years of experience, I can probably help you out in a better way. The main motive behind creating this detailed and informative article is to share out effective longboarding buying tips which you have been searching for so long. These tips will act as a blessing in disguise for the countless individuals who are still thinking about how to buy the best longboard but with no accurate answer. Don’t waste a moment and check out the mentioned tips carefully.

1. What is your riding style?

– Different types of longboards are designed to meet numerous riding styles demand. Whether you are required to commute around the cities or would you like to discover a challenging slope? Some of the basic riding styles are freeride, cruising, downhill and freestyle. No matter what style you select, you will easily find an appropriate longboard fitting your style demands with ease.

2. Different longboard Shapes

– Some of the well-known longboard shapes are:

  • In order to start with we would like to focus on directional boards. These boards are merely designed to go either forward or backward. The most popular directional board outline is Pintail but it will not give your fitting board feel or any good control while ridden switch.
  • The second board shape is symmetrical which is bit identical to the directional board but little more attention is paid to which way the board is moving. As a rider, if you are willing to execute 180° slides, it would be ideal to opt for the symmetrical board.
  • Third board shape is top mount which is most conventional shapes in longboards and available at a minimum price. In this shape, the board deck is mounted on the truck in order to achieve higher core gravity. Top mount boards are the most flexible and could be easily used for executing cruising, freestyle or cutting.

3. Crucial Board Features

– No matter which longboards shape you prefer, you will find some common and crucial features that offer desired riding attributes and assist in managing each board’s utilization in a planned manner. If you take care of these following features, you will come to know about how to buy the best longboard:

Kick Tail – One can easily observe kick tails on the both ends of a longboard. These kick tails only make it possible to lift one particular end of the board of the ground in order to execute traps or numerous bounce controls. A longboard can acquire kick tails on both closures or only at one end.
> Wheel Wells – Wheel wells are all mostly applied in order to counteract wheel nibble. Wheel nibble will only happen when the rider tries to corner in excessively hard manner and the wheels get in touch with deck. With wheel wells, you will easily turn sharper without losing control over longboard.

wheel wells



4. Longboard Wheels

– The most important tip of how to buy the best longboard is to pay proper attention to the WHEELS. These wheels will play a huge role in the performance of your board and there are certain diverse elements which you need to manage in order to get the perfect performance out of the wheels. These important elements are shape, stature, width, center style and durometer. Each element should be examined properly by a diagram in order to reveal which of the accompanying gimmicks is ideal for your riding style.

how to buy the best longboard


5. Longboard Bearings

– The direction in which your board wheels will turn is decided by longboard bearings. Longboard bearings are mainly described by a standard known as ABEC. The higher the ABEC rating, the faster your wheels will turn. Generally, ABEC is ideal for cruising; ABEC for freeride and ABC5-7 is preferred by riders opting for downhill and hustling style.
Our tips and tricks are the best suited for individuals who have little or no longboarding knowledge. With the shared information, it is possible to buy a perfect longboard for your own riding style. Yes, if you still have certain doubts regarding how to buy the best longboard, it would be ideal to execute a bit of searching and find out longboards applied by experienced riders.

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