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I’ve had the chance to go longboarding with  some best friends of mine. All most of them have either no experience or very little experience longboarding. They asked me what is the best longboard brands for a beginner? There are a lot, I’m surely, and you? After reading around to see which is the best? I decided to share with you about Drop-down longboard.

Firstly let see a quick review about the difference between Drop Thru and Drop-down longboard here:

Drop-down longboard is one of the best longboard for freeriding by this towards stability and comfort in the process of moving through the lower layer structure and deck are located near the ground. There are many different shapes that you can choose from well-known brands on the market, such as: Stella, Gravity, Madrid … use designs from some types of materials such as bamboo, wood that combination with great graphics. Thanks to the diverse selection, you can optionally create custom settings on the device itself. If you have heard about the benefits that Drop-down longboard gives the user, make sure that you will have a desire to own such a great product.

Some of best longboards which my friends and I are using:

  1. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard
  2. Kryptonics Drop Down Longboard Complete Skateboard
  3. Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard Complete skateboard
  4. Stella Deer 46″ Pintail Longboard Complete Skateboard By Stella SDS
  5. EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard

But that’s our choice. And for you it is not enough and want more and more?

The advantage of the drop down Longboard

So why you will choose drop-down longboard? That’s the big and hard question. Let see my opinion as below

You will take some time to review and discuss the design of the dragon board drop down, because this is a puzzle design relatively common alternative, the middle section of the board is lower than the last place. The difference between price, quality and design of each brand will bring you the completely different experience. With its stable design, the higher end middle part aims to protect users when downhill can avoid runng shaking caused by speed. Overall, thanks to special design of this type of Longboard different from other designs, special materials used hardwood, bamboo, so it has created a totally new experience. At the center of the drop-down position, the manufacturer has designed additional safety suitcase on the table to be able to control the speed and start easily. Due to the relative position near the ground, so drop down Longboard really has become one of the devices is designed for ideal long-term use.

The downside of the drop down Longboard

Special design of this type but Longboard bring many benefits to the users listed above, but it also brings some disadvantages inevitable. Low design means the distance from the board to the bottom closer. However, it is not the biggest concern when you use it to ride regularly. When you use it to walk on the sidewalk or around the city, it is very likely this problem will become barriers to prevent you from being suddenly stopped because of bottoming. This makes it difficult and inconvenient for the driver in the implementation of the landmark. Designed with the assistance truck to the deck hardware and the driver. This is the ideal model for freeriding thanks to its shape. It can provide a solid position in the case of difficulty. Thus, establishing balance and stability quickly. This is actually a really useful Longboard categories for amateur riders at the start and the desired speed can be achieved quickly.

Some outstanding products

  • Drop Down Twin Longboard – owned by the manufacturer Stella: It is a tool to go down the hill by lowering the central structure of the board, create a comfortable grip, so you can easily achieve high-speed. Longboard Drop Down Stella Twin version with long structural length than others.
  • Riding Style: Yocaher is a perfect example for downhilling with thick deck, is a high-speed back riding. It was found a lot of features to take action different rides. Design unique and special, received high praise from customers.

There are so many manufacturers that are always trying to improve their products in order to create the best Longboard and popular on the market today. Thanks to the drop down Longboard, you can comfortably play, enjoy and put its energy to solving problems, evoked great feeling and awaken passionate of the riders.

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