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Gold Coast Longboard Review

Goldcoast Longboard Complete Pintail Shape - The Classic

If you are into skateboards then there is none better than the Gold Coast longboards which in the skateboarder’s community is more commonly known as the floater. This is a product that gives a new meaning to longboards and that is pretty much evident in the creativity with which the product is made. Albeit being a high performance product, the biggest advantage of this product lies in how simple the Gold Coast longboards is.

As long as Gold Coast is concerned, there is no doubt that is one of the companies that has bestowed us with some of the best longboards that is there to be. With an array to real awesome cruisers in the mix, this is one longboard that you have to see to believe it. It goes without saying that this is one product that will give you that butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feeling that is something that every skateboarder wants to have when they see their longboards. It gives so much of positive vibes that you just can’t wait to get your turn on it. To give an honest opinion, it is more like an amalgamation of all the goodness of every cruiser board that there is into one Gold Coast longboard.

Some basic details:

  • The dimensions of the Gold Coast floater longboard deck stand at 10 x 40 inches, which gives you an all round stability.
  • The deck of the longboard is made of 7” of pure Canadian maple ply and has a printed grip tape on it.
  • The product has phenomenal 26 inches wheelbase to manage any situation.
  • Also comes equipped with 71 millimeter 80a shred boot wheels fit for almost all terrains.
  • With a 7 inch century reverse pivot truck there is something to balance the speed at all times.
  • For bearings you have the state of the art of ABEC 7 with Teflon.
  • Standing at one of the lightest longboards with 6.8 pounds is not an easy feat to achieve.
  • The overall dimension of the product is 39 x 11 x 5 inches.

The overall review

It must be said that the details of the Gold Coast longboards is more than enough to get you drooling over it especially if you like to cruise but it would be a lot better if you get a chance to know each aspect of the floater in detail.


GOLD COAST FLOATER REVIEWThe 7 inch maple deck

One of the biggest things that you need to checkout in any long boards is how great the deck is because if you are going to cruise you need the decks to respond correctly. Something that will help you breathe a sigh of relief in the fact that you get a 7 inch Canadian maple deck which is not something that you will find in your everyday lonboards. On this deck you will get that responsiveness that you look for in your boards effortlessly which is just the thing you need. In addition the maple board provides you with really good balance to keep you on your feet at all the times without breaking a sweat. At the end of the tour we come to the printed grip tape which has a significance of its own. This custom print serves dual purpose that you should know about. On one hand they are just the thing that you need in order to keep your feet in the right place at all times, a must for any and all skateboarders. While on the other hand it gives a really cool look to the board that is definitely going to catch your eyes.

The awesome 26 inch wheelbase

The wheelbase of any board especially plays an integral part in providing balance to it and that is why skateboarders look for products with a good wheelbase. Therefore, Gold Coast didn’t leave any stones unturned while making a longboard that is going to take the world by storm. This is why they have bestowed upon the ultimate floater with a 26 inch wheelbase to give the balance to the board that it needs. They play a pivotal role in assuring the rider of having a smoother ride which is not something that you can overlook. And in terms of stability, you get that extra bit of stability during taking sharp turns or carving which is not present in most of the other longboards. This is one feature that you need to have in your cruiser board so don’t let your eyes off this Gold Coast one of a kind gift to the skateboard community.

71mm 80a wheels

One of the most important of any board is its wheel on whom the entire deck is housed upon and when you see the 71mm 80a wheel on this product then you just can’t take your eye of off it. Not only does it fit on the board perfectly but it is also versatile. In terms of versatility, it is adaptable on almost every terrain. And when you travel on these wheels then little road bumps here and there are like pimples you won’t even feel are there in the first place.

The so special ABEC bearings

When you have the special ABEC bearing which comes with customized Teflon for that x factor then there isn’t much that is to be left to imagination. This is one feature that is just carefully hidden by the shred boot wheels to create that aura of awesome around it. It is also something that is definitely that will contribute to your riding experience and make that one special cruising experience all the more special. This is the reason why they are not only recommended for riders who are taking their first step in the world of longboards but are also heavily preferred by seasoned riders which speaks volumes about the product.

Why choose this classic cruiser?

By far the most important question that can be asked to any rider is as to why choose this particular product? The answer is also equally simple because there isn’t one thing that makes the Gold Coast longboard special, there are many reason behind its popularity. Starting from the basic fact that it has a classic look that some people might call makes it evergreen to the fact that the design of the product is extremely simple. But the thing that puts a cherry on the cake is the fact that it is one longboard which is unparalleled in terms of cruising. In addition you will get a whole variety of colors to choose from which is just too tempting to pass off. Moreover this is a product which will help you keep balance and always keep control of the board irrespective of whichever terrain or road you are in.


A manufacturer that has given his all to make sure that you never face any issue while riding is Gold Coast. This is a product of this same manufacturer which has been meticulously designed so that the riders can experience the cruising ride of their life like never before. It is pretty clear from the details that are given above that there are hardly too many longboards that can match up to the specifications of the Gold Coast long board. Equipped with a plethora features all across the board, this is one of the most sought after longboards in the market. This is the reason you should take a clearer look to verify whether this is the longboard in which you want to take that cruising ride of your lifetime or not!

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