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Longboarding is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with more and more of this generation’s youth’s being involved in the growing sport. Meanwhile, it is also getting increasingly more expensive. You have to buy a board, safety equipment, maintenance supplies – and once you become skilled you can go for aftermarket bearings, wheels, and even more. That’s why so often the best place to start is with a cheap longboard. Not all of the low priced longboards are the same, and this guide will help you get some “bang for your buck”, that way you are not spending a ridiculous amount but you will still be able to get a longboard that will do what you need it to do and not damage quickly.

There is no point of spending $150 or $200 for your first (or even second) longboard. You can master the craft with some of the boards that are listed for under $100. This is especially true if you (or the person you are buying it for) are under the age of 16. While it’s not the cheapest activity around, it is also nowhere near being the most expensive, so it’s a great balance. The benefit that the growing popularity of longboarding has had is that it caused an increase in competition. There are now more longboard manufacturers in the industry then there were two or three years ago. The increased competition means lower consumer prices on the longboards themselves.

Top Good Cheap Longboard Options

Below are some of the best cheap longboards you can find today. They are generally under $100 and they are far better than what you can find at your local store. In addition, just about every manufacturer has at least a one-year warranty on the board, protecting you from defects and other problems you may encounter. themselves also force a great return policy, so if you are not satisfied for any reason, you are still able to try another one without any problems for you. I made sure to not include the boards with low reputations and feedback. What you will find below are all high-quality and have great longboard reviews. That means they are essentially the top good cheap longboards out there today.

General Longboard Information

There are a number of characteristics that longboards have including differing lengths. While they can all be considered longboards, you may be able to purchase one that is anywhere from 37 to 45 inches. Different lengths allow you to ride differently, do more advanced tricks, and just give you an overall different approach to the board. For example, if you plan on doing a lot of downhill riding, longer boards are usually recommended. That is because the longer ones provide more stability to the rider when going fast. At the same time, it doesn’t allow you to turn and maneuver as easily, making them not ideal for carving and doing tricks.

Another thing to consider is the bearings that the board comes with. Often times, makers of cheap longboards will try to use cheap r thus lowering the sale price. That however usually always ends up bad, as the rider often has to replace them rather quickly. It is best to just get the right bearings from the start. Bearings that are rated ABEC 6 and higher are great for going high speeds, meaning downhill slopes! If you just plan on cruising, which is ideal when using it to get to class or around town, ABEC 3 bearings are recommended.

Finally, different longboard decks are shaped differently which allow for different forms of riding. When the board has a lip or if it curved differently, it changes the aerodynamics of riding. Listed below are some of the different decks you can find:

  1. Fishtail
    1. Fishtail decks are generally on the shorter side in terms of the overall length of the board. They are shaped so they can stop wheel bite when making wide turns, which they are made for. They are similar to traditional surfboards and are great if you’re looking for an old-school style good cheap longboard.
  2. Pintail
    1. The pintail deck is similar to the fishtail, except it is longer, usually by a good amount. They are one of the most popular decks you will find on boards today, and are generally made for carving and good turn radiuses. They also help eliminate wheel bite which allows for smooth riding. If you use a different shaped board doing such turns will feel a lot rougher.
  3. Twin
    1. The twin decks are made specifically for those who want to do tricks with a longboard. They are modeled after your retro skateboards going back 20 years ago to the prime of Tony Hawk. If you come from a skateboarding and tricks background, or if that’s what you are most interested in learning, looking for a twin deck is the way to go.
  4. Drop Down
    1. The drop down or drop-through board is also one of the most popular out there. They are shaped with a little slope that allows the rider to push much easier, with much more consistency and stability. That means it is great for going long distances, such as going around campus all day. On the flip side, they aren’t made for tricks or high-speed turning.

Top Things To Consider When Choosing Good Cheap Longboards

The first thing to consider is the experience of the person who will be riding. I usually rate experience as Complete Beginner, Some Experience, Skateboarding Background, Intermediate, and Professional. Regardless of which one you fall into, there are good cheap longboards that will help you. I consider a complete beginner someone who has no experience in skateboarding or longboarding and is just starting out. This is when you don’t want to spend a lot of money of money as you are just learning the tricks of the trade. Some experience means you’ve ridden before, maybe on a friend’s board, but are just getting into it seriously. I consider having a skateboarding background as a great start, even if you’ve never longboarded, as they are very similar and you should hopefully understand the concepts of balance and using your body weight correctly.

Second, it is vital to think about the use of the board. That will greatly determine the deck and length that you need to purchase, in order to get a longboard that will make it fun and easy, not hard and confusing. If you ride somewhere with a lot of hills, you need something that can be made for downhill riding, and usually the longer boards are better for that. If you plan on using it very often and for long distances, you need the most popular type: cruising boards. They are also great for beginners as you will be able to just ride and get a feel for the basic longboarding concepts.

Things To Know Regarding Your Future Longboard

Decks, even of the same style, can also be made of different material. For example, the most popular ones are made of wood, and they are also the most affordable longboards. However, maple laminate decks and ones made of bamboo are different and will ride differently. You can also have a deck made of fiberglass or carbon fiber, materials that are lighter and stronger, allowing for great stability and speed, yet costing more money.

Another important thing to know is basic maintenance procedures. You should not store your board outside as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can have a damaging effect on the wood overtime (assuming you go with a wooden longboard). In addition to the sun, exposure to rain will damage the grip on the deck, the wheels, the bearings, the trunk, and the graphic display on the board. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride it when it’s when out, but just don’t leave it outside to get wet with no use. If you can ever find it wet, dry it out. It will allow it to last much longer. In addition, you need to lubricate the bearings. How often depends on how much you will be riding, but at least once a month. There are some people who do it every time they ride – that is not necessary, but just know the better they are lubricated, the better the board will work.


There are only a few good cheap longboards in the market, and by looking at the longboard reviews you will be able to make the right choice for your needs. There are boards that cost under $100 that can be useful for first time riders and those who have been doing it for years. In fact, the more expensive boards don’t have much of an added benefit. You are better off getting a good bang for your buck with the boards listed here. If you properly maintain them and use them for their intended use (for example, don’t use boards made for cruising to do tricks with!), they will last just as long as a longboard double the price!

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