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How to choose a longboard

Longboard decks come in different varieties. Most shops will offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, stiffness and camber profile when selecting a longboard deck. However, you have to know the type of riding style you want to do before buying it. There is always a longboard deck appropriate for your riding style, even if you are a beginner in this sport. So, to help you in choosing the best longboard, here is a simple guide for you to get started.

Carving and Cruising

First time users who are enticed in using longboards because of its carving and cruising capabilities can choose a deck with a classic pintail shape. This surf inspired design has a length of 40 to 45 inches with a taper from its tip to tail, a flexible construction and different degrees of camber. Using this kind of longboard will give you a powerful release in every carve and a dampen vibration while pushing through cracks and rough pavements.

City transportation

For city transportation purposes, the best longboard deck would be 28 to 40 inches long with wheelbases that are 15 to 22 inches. Dodging cars, tight spaces and crowded pedestrians are among the challenges in city transportation, but longboards appropriate for this style will give you a better stability and effective kicktails. The kicktail in a city transportation longboard makes it more maneuverable, especially that chances of encountering a crack, gravel, curb and puddles are high. This will allow you to commute easily regardless of the obstacles along the way.

Long distance pushing

We really cannot deny the fact that some people enjoy a long distance longboarding. The appropriate longboard size for this kind of riding style is 38 to 42 inches with a deck that should be lower to the ground. A lowered platform will reduce the rider’s fatigue and increase his stability while pushing across the miles.

Freestyle and dancing

Longboard users who enjoy freestyle and dancing riding styles are encouraged to have a medium length wheelbase (20 to 28 inches) or a longer wheelbase (28 to 35 inches). It allows you to incorporate the dancing maneuvers and other stylish elements like kick flips, tiger flaws, shuy its and cross steps. Freestyle longboard decks are great for beginners, especially those who are not sure which riding style to pursue.

Freeride and Sliding

Freeride is basically about creativity, tricks and styles. If you prefer this kind of riding style, a symmetrical board having a kicktail is highly recommended to tackle the steep hills and slide your way through driveways and street corners. The wheelbase is between 20 to 30 inches with a stiff construction and a 3D concave for a better stability.

Downhill and racing

For downhill and racing riding styles, the recommended longboard should have a wheelbase of 26 to 30 inches for a higher speed and added stability. An aggressive concave board is useful for downhill ride but symmetry and kicktails are not necessary. Boards in freeride and downhill styles are very similar that is why, users use the same longboard deck in these disciplines. If you want a more in-depth explanation, you can always check a local longboard store to ask for suggestions.

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