How to Choose Best Longboards For Beginners

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There is more to choosing a longboard than meets the eye. If you are a beginner and have no idea where to begin, do not fret. That is why we have done extensive research to help you figure out How to Choose the Best Longboards for Beginners.

There are countless shapes, features and construction aspects that you need to consider before making a purchase.

Selecting Longboards for Beginners

If you are a beginner and you are hunting for best longboards, it is crucial that you first understand all the components that make up this device. There tend to come in different styles and shapes, but at the end of the day, they all comprise of the same parts. Once you qualify from beginner’s level to pro, you will notice that different parts have different characteristics and this tends to have a significant impact on what your board can and cannot do. They are:

Deck , Truck, Wheels, Bearing

These parts make up a longboard. Next, you need to figure out how you plan to use it. Are you looking for one that you can use for fun cruising around? Looking for a Freestyle board for doing tricks? Free ride longboards for riding on hills, carving downhill, or do you want one especially for Downhill (for fast downhill riding, racing). Once you narrow this down, it will be much easier for you to narrow down the choices.

Selecting Longboard Deck

This is where you stand over as you cruise. This feature is mostly made of maple ply or bamboo, but you can also find some models made from fiber glass. Best models are the ones made from a mixture of all mentioned materials. Selecting a deck can be a bit tricky but as mentioned above, once you know how you plan to ride your device, your job becomes much easier. Additionally, I will suggest you to buy bamboo longboard specially Sector 9 Bamboo Longboard.

Cruising: When looking for a board to get you from point A to B, you will be faced with five different decks shapes to pick from. There is cruiser shape, drop down, drop through, pintail, and bamboo shapes. More information about these deck shapes can be acquired online. If you need a longboard for doing tricks and cruising then choose the Mini Longboards.

Free Ride: When hunting for one to use for best commuting longboards on hills or streets, then you can pick from either a drop down or a drop through deck shape.

Freestyle: Looking to learn how to do some impressive tricks? Then your deck shape should be either drop through or drop down.

Downhill: If speed is your desire, then look out for a speed board shape, top mount, or a cruiser deck shape. Best downhill long-boards will provide you with speed necessary for racing and much more fun!

Selecting Longboard Truck

Trucks, simply defined are those parts that are attached to your deck to your wheels. They come with a pair of bushing that you, the user will use for different tightness levels. A major consideration when researching about trucks is a Kingpin. There are two types namely a traditional Kingpin that is used on normal boards and best left for pro riders and inverted Kingpin. Inverted Kingpin is best for longboards and a beginner should ensure they select a board with an inverted Kingpin.

Selecting Longboards Wheel

Just as anything else you might buy that has wheels, be it a bicycle, etc, wheels are a crucial part of how stable your long board will be. Just as in a bike, larger, wider wheels tend to act as shock absorbers ensuring a rider does not feel bumpy and unstable while on top. Long-board wheels are measured in durometers. If comfort is what you want, then opt for larger wheels. If you crave speed and lighter long-boards, then go for one with smaller wheels – however, larger wheels tend to gain higher speeds if you are riding a long distance, but they accelerate much slower than small ones.

There are two wheel shapes available: Round lip and square lip. Square lip shaped wheels are more common on longboards as they offer more grip and straight riding.

Selecting Longboard Bearing

There are two wheel shapes available: Round lip and square lip. Square lip shaped wheels aBefore making a purchase, ensure your bearings are made from high-quality materials such as steel, ceramic, or alloys. This way, your board will be efficient for long and provide you with the ultimate more common on longboards as they offer more grip and straight riding.

Beginners Longboard for Downhill

When looking for best downhill longboards, it needs to be as still as possible. This way, you are assured of a stable board that will ride in a straight line as you race or when you are cruising downhill at high speeds. Search for one that has a “rocker” deck. This means that your deck will not be flat but will have a downward swooping in the middle for better grip and stability.

Beginners Longboards for Cruising

For best cruising longboards, you want a board with a “camber” shape to it. It is the opposite of a Downhill deck profile. Instead of your deck bending downwards in the middle, it bends upwards in the middle section of your board-deck. This design ensures that your long-board absorbs most of the shock – making it easy to use when you want to transport something or for a gentle ride. This is also a great option if you are hunting for a longboard for girls.

Beginners Longboards for Carving

For free-riding, the best option is to look for one with a medium and stiff flex component. A “rocker” is your best option as it will provide you with moderate speed and stability as well. This will make it easy for you to ride on your streets without having to worry about losing your balance when a car passes you by. It is also easy to maneuver, so turning corners will be a breeze.

Beginners Longboards for Freestyle

A fully fiat deck profile is what you want when you attempt doing some tricks. Your wheels will act as shock absorbers ensuring you barely feel any bumps as you skate. This deck profile is great as it provides good stability even when you are skating at moderate speed.

Buy an Electric Longboard

Remember you will not find a quality electric longboard at a cheap price. A best electric longboard will charge you about 300 to 1500 USD. If you buy a cheap electric longboard, that would be your big mistake. Choose lithium ion battery that can go more than 10 miles, 400 to 1200 watt motor, remote control, spacious strong deck, light weight, easy to control and maneuver as well as breaking.

Best Longboards for Girls

Choose a specious stable deck longboard for newbie girl rider. It is very important to buy a longboard that has maximum balance and stability. Though chose the best longboards for girls is little bit tricky but if you read this full article that would be so easy for you. Truck must be 8 to 10 inches and you can choose a deck made of maple or bamboo 44-inch to 36-inch long and 8 to 11 inches wide. Square shape PU wheel and stainless steel ABEC-5 or above bearing. That is enough for a newbie girl rider.

Never Buy a Cheap Longboard

You know what they say; “cheap is expensive.” This applies here as well. Cheap boards are made from materials that are weak and not durable at all. You might find that your wheels are wonky or cannot go past a certain speed. Your deck might break out underneath you when you are cruising at high speeds, and this might end up in a major accident. It is best to buy a quality device that promotes safety rather than a cheap one that might cost a lot more on hospital bills!

Don’t Try to Use Advance Style/ Tricks during Your First Month

You are a beginner, best to pace yourself. Yes, you have been dreaming of riding on a staircase as you have seen others do and it looks totally cool. But trust us, first learn how to balance and get comfortable with your device. In no time at all, you will be showing others how to do those advanced tricks. Better to be safe than sorry. It will not be worth it when you injure yourself during your first month on a longboard.

Don’t Miss Some of Your Safety Gears

As an entry-level skater, do not forgo your safety gear. Ensure your head, elbows, and knees are protected at all times. Granted you might feel dorky and ridiculous, but safety first. When purchasing a board, ask a shop attendant to direct you to their safety gear section. There are a variety of items you can be able to buy at a fairly good price. Some come with cool designs that will make your friends envious. Until you are certain of yourself aboard, please do not miss your safety gears.

Check Real User Review from Product Buying Page

If you want to know the real truth about how a certain product fairs, there is no better place to search for the truth than past customer reviews. They are highly insightful, and some even offer better alternatives than what you were intending to purchase. Always read reviews beforehand. You can know whether that specific item is durable and worth the money.

Final Verdict

Now that you know all you need to know about these fun devices, there is nothing left then for you to pick one that best suits your needs, go outside, and creates some fun memories! We hope our guide to buying the best longboard for beginners has been insightful. Whether you are looking for longboards for girls, best commuting longboards, best cruising longboards, or best downhill longboards, the choices are endless. Take your time, do your research and buy one that caters to all your needs. Do comment below if you have any questions. We would also love to know which board you went for and how it’s functioning so far.

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