How to Choose Kids’s Skateboards – Things You Should Know

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Do you aspire for your child to become a star skateboarder and follow the footsteps of Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, and Bam Margera? Being the best in this field requires determination and passion from the rider, as you probably already know, so your baby should begin learning how to ride the skateboard as early as four years old.

But, of course, we also understand that their safety is your top priority here. You won’t simply let the child have a go at an adult-sized wheelboard when they have not even gotten the basics down, right? If you wish to know how to choose kids’ skateboards then, check out our fool-proof guide below.

Toy vs. Real Boards for Children

The first thing we need to be clear about is that there are proper skateboards meant for kids. They have sturdy decks and solid trucks that you typically see on the type that grownup riders use, even though the sizes are far more suitable for their height and weight.

The toy version of a skateboard, on the other hand, is composed of plastic materials. It glides on the ground too, yet the structure is not as stable as the former. You can get this one for your little boy or girl for playtime, that’s for sure. In case you want him or her to be a serious rider, however, buy a proper skateboard.

Things That a Parent Should Pay Attention To

Things That a Parent Should Pay Attention To

A wheelboard has several important portions that make it a whole. To find out how to choose kids’ skateboards well, you need to realize which parts should be combined with what.


Considering that your rider is a beginner, the general idea is to give him or her a deck between 28 to 32 inches in length and approximately 6.5 to 7.5 inches in width.

They should be able to utilize the same board when they get better at riding, yet you are free to transition them into one that has a kicktail when they are ready to go to skateparks or run small errands in your village. It is very important for kid to do the basics of skateboarding, such as frontside flip,do an ollie, frontside heelflip, ect..

Once that seems very elementary with respect to their skills, change it to a skateboard with narrow tail and nose so that they can perform freeriding. From here on, they can decide to stick with skateboarding or convert to longboarding, but that’s another topic.


The wheel varieties available for a young skateboarder are normally within the range of 60 to 70 millimeters in diameter. What has greater impact when selecting wheels, though, are the shape of the lips and the hardness rating.

The durometer spectrum is between 75a to 80a. If your child has an average weight, you may opt for the minimum amount of hardness. But once he or she gets heavier than other same-aged kids, you have to get tougher wheels to support their heft.

In terms of the lip shape, the sharp ones are suitable for the beginners because they won’t think of sliding at this point. When they reach the intermediate and advanced levels and can slide or freeride now, it can change to rounded wheels.


There are two types of trucks – standard and reverse kingpins – and choosing the most suitable one for your kiddo relies on how good of a skateboarder he or she already is.

A novice rider is more concerned with finding their balance; that’s why the traditional trucks should be fitted on the deck. These kingpins do not move too much, so the board won’t wobble so much and scare the child.

On the contrary, the reverse trucks are for riders who have more experience in skateboarding. They help the kids especially to turn the wheelboard with a slight movement.


You cannot leave the bushings out of the equation when looking for the best skateboard that a youngster can possess since it’s another key part that makes riding easier or harder for your kid.

It is fully your choice to hire an expert to tailor a skateboard or purchase one from the store, but you have to know if the hardness of the material that goes between the deck and the trucks matches your child’s measurements.

The rule of thumb, nonetheless, is that the durometer for the standard kingpins should be soft or medium, while it’s between 78a to 85a for the reverse trucks.

3 Tips on How to Choose Kids’ Skateboards

3 Tips on How to Choose Kids’ Skateboards

1. Buy the skateboard from a quality brand.

We have already mentioned the difference between a real and a toy wheelboard, and let me tell you that the latter can regularly be found in department stores.

Since you are letting the kiddo to ride one to become a pro in the future, you have to take a skateboard from a company that is known for creating high-quality boards. You most likely know the right parts for him or her as you come to this part of the article too, so buying the appropriate one won’t be tough.

2. Get a wheelboard that is already set up.

In case never once in your life have you tried to assemble a skateboard, you should not start with your child’s as that may put them in danger. What you can do is obtain a complete board that he or she can ride as soon as you get out of the stall.

3. Let the kid decide on the graphics.

Assuming that you are certain about the sturdiness of the wheelboard and the various pieces attached to it, the third tip is to allow your little rider to choose the design that will go on the skateboard. It is his or hers, after all, so they should get to have the final say regarding the graphics.

Concluding Words

The trick on how to choose kids’ skateboards is that you need to treat the matter as if you are selecting one for someone your age. The size may be smaller than what an adult will use, but the characteristics of the parts you should pay attention to are quite the same.

Good luck!

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