How to choose the right size longboard

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How to choose the right size longboard

how to choose right size longboard

Adrenaline seekers definitely love longboarding’s smooth and exciting riding. Although it is often associated with skateboarding, longboarding gives a different chill and freedom. The bigger wheels and longer board is more “beginner friendly” than the rest. Its different shapes, sizes and features are also designed for various styles and riding abilities. So if you are interested in longboarding, this article can be a lot of help to you.

Choosing the right longboard size

Several factors must take into account when buying a longboard. Since this kind of sport can navigate to steep hills and various slopes, size matters a lot. As experts say, the longer the board, the better its speed capability. However, it can be a little confusing to choose the appropriate size. Therefore, to help you with the decision making process, answer these questions first to give you a better perspective about the appropriate longboard to use.

  • What is your ability level?

There are two types of longboard users –the beginners and advanced users. If you are a beginner in this kind of sport, the recommended longboard size is definitely longer and heavier. A 46” longboard is beneficial to beginners because it gives stability and balance but a 32” to 42” longboard can also be useful.

On the other hand, advanced or expert users can choose any kind of longboard size they feel comfortable with. A 28” to 32” longboard can give them a great performance in turning, carving or sliding. It is also easy to ride in areas where heavy foot traffic is present because it does not take much space compared to longer boards.

  • What riding styles do you prefer?

Individuals use longboards for different reasons. To choose the right longboard size, you also have to consider your riding style. Whether it is for cruising/carving, riding downhill or simply a free ride longboarding, you have to think as to which of them you would likely do. Cruising/carving in a plain and less bumpy road does not have a specific longboard size recommendation. As long as you are comfortable using it or you easily get into the destination you wished to go, then any size will do.

However, if you look forward for a downhill or freeride longboarding, the recommended size would be from 32” to 42”. This will give you a better stability especially when your speed gets faster. Because longer boards are also heavier than its smaller counterparts, you can easily control and maneuver it whichever direction you are heading.

Furthermore, the kind of riding styles you choose can also help you decide the type of board flex to have. If you are up for a mellow cruising and easy board tricks, a soft board flex is recommended. It gives an excellent shock absorption especially on rough roads. If you enjoy commuting, moderate speed cruising and carving, a medium board flex should be purchased. It gives stability at speed, good shock absorption and a spring like feeling which gives an added energy in pushing the longboard. Lastly, if you like freeriding, bombing hills and fast speed, a stiff board flex is a must have. It gives a lot of stability and is least forgiving on cracked pavement and bumpy surfaces.

  • What is your feet size and how tall are you?

Basically, your height and feet size matters in choosing the right longboard. You cannot just use a short longboard for your huge feet. It can be awkward to see them hanging while you skate around a certain area. So to give you a smooth ride without hitting the wheels while turning, a longer board is recommended. Make sure also to consider your height because shorter individuals can comfortably use shorter longboards, probably 28” to 32”. If you are a tall guy or girl, the longer board is better to easily maneuver it without hassles.

  • What is your style?

There are several longboard styles available in the market nowadays. The good thing about it is you can choose which one gives you confidence. You can buy longboards with cool graphics, but feel free to consider plain and monochromatic colored styles. With regards to its shapes, you can either choose a directional or symmetrical board shape. Both of these shapes can be used by beginners or expert longboard users.

Final Thoughts

A thorough research should be done to know the right longboard size. However, it is important to know as well that durability, comfort and ability levels are necessary to come up with the best decision. Longboards always vary, but choosing the right size and shape can make a huge difference especially when you make this as your regular sport.

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