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Choosing a truck is one of the most important things and not too complicated when choosing to buy a Longboard. This is the necessary parts to build a complete skateboard, shaped like the letter T, made from metal to hold the wheel and mount attached to the underside of the floor and the wheel. Each Longboard including two trucks to ensure the stability, durability and resistance to wear and tear better than the truck’s traditional skis. It helps to overcome the difficulties caused in the process of moving. Despite a similar function, but truck in every different kind can not be replaced due to the difference in length. This article provides some specific guidance for selection of Longboard trucks with the best features.

Baseplate Angles

With different perspectives, angles of the mattress truck with standard angle of about 50 degrees, or may range from 40-44 degrees, this directly affects the way the truck turned over, if lower corner pads will provide stability at higher speeds. Baseplate angle adjustable angle for increased stability when put on lean strength. If using a low angle, your feet may encounter some problems when touching the ground. Baseplates at 50 degrees is the ideal level for every different style of movement as carving, freeride, because it provides extremely flexible movement. If lower baseplates, you might lean more, so it fits into the corner downhill and fast. Depending on the preferences of each rider that you can set different angles.

Tighten Kingpin

This is the missing piece to be added when construction trucks are an indispensable part in connecting the hanger to ensure the mattress and the liner is fixed clamp in the migration process. Depending on different levels, kingpin will be changes in the tightening. If you tighten tighter, firmer and more variable in contrast, when you loosen, the movement turns becomes easier. When set, the kingpin is attached to the hook and tied horizontally by the section is attached to the hanger from the previous. If gaps lower, leverage will be more fully utilized. The standard base kingpin standards or reverse depending on the specific kingpin riding style you pursue, for example SKP used truck moving on the streets or parks for the flexibility that it brings; RPK truck normally used for longboarding because it ensures the stability and flexibility of control at high speeds.

Bushings seat

This is an important element of the board, contributing to support the motion by connecting pieces between the buffer, which is located in the heart to regulate mobility. When the liner fit, it may limit your ability to move or take another path, this suite rooms freeride and downhill because it is set to a slower speed. The shape and hardness will decide style riding under your personal preferences. Typically, manufacturers use soft rubber bushings to create a more flexible response, to prevent shattered, cracked and not replaced several times.

Precision Trucks

Accuracy is extremely necessary to make a perfect without warping in any case, especially in the high-end freeride style. You will take a relatively large expenditures to invest in precision truck, however the long-term value that it brings really worthy and can prolong life.

Hanger width

Wide wheel stance as close to each hanger and is the choice of each individual, with weight and width to suit each different style and careful in their choice to find exactly the right size according to standard.

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