How to longboard

Longboard Tips

How to longboard?

Longboarding is a typical sport of skateboarding. But the difference in the board, it uses tables and trucks with a long and larger size, larger wheels. Longboard bring a lot of fun for beginners to become familiar with this exciting sport. When you want to ride expertly Longboard, you need to apply a lot of different techniques to maintain a steady pace and create powerful movement. When ownership Longboard, please read carefully the instructions before starting to practice can easily control this device.

The decision to start using

How to longboard?

  • Clearly define the purpose of use and search what you need to meet your needs. Sizes, different shapes, Longboard are the advantages and disadvantages of different, eg short Longboard provide faster, less stable, and vice versa.
  • Equipped with the equipment to ensure safety, such as: helmets, dedicated skateboarding shoes, elbow pads and knee cushions. Flat-bottomed shoes dedicated skateboarding is the perfect tool to help you maximize your ability and keep the best balance. A good quality helmet will become a trusted companion along the way, from the beginning, during the moving fast, downhill, or in the dangerous terrain. Selection of flat, smooth with large space to practice.
  • Identify appropriate skateboarding habits and safe.
  • Practice how to keep a balance on flat terrain at the start to ensure a safe and comfortable in the process of moving and to get acquainted before the start of the new challenges on the more difficult terrain. If you are not used to control balance, you need to have a focus on the maximum guidance and basic stance down, then you can change the style you’ve become proficient.

Basic concepts you need to know about Longboarding

Basic concepts you need to know about Longboarding

  • How to move forward is regarded as one of the basic techniques. Thanks to the promotion and create force from your foot, you can easily move discretion. Relax your body for balance on a skateboard, avoid rigid body will cause more dangerous. After establishing stability, you absolutely can grow faster than the previous speed.
  • How to create the landmark relatively easy, because it is an activity should be done if you want to move on all sides around. First, reduce the pressure on the skis and leaning in the direction you want to move.
  • Learn to slow down or stop when using skateboards. Braking is the most preferred method to reduce speed or stop due to the friction between your feet to the ground. When you want to stop, you can apply the brakes by leaving your foot off skis, moving slowly and lower to the ground, avoid putting too much pressure on it. Besides, you can also use the brake and gas by putting both hands up in the air while moving at high speeds.
  • Learn style carving and cruising. When you practice carving by gently downhill, you will feel comfortable in providing stronger motivation, so try to get up and speed control, pay attention when you want to go fast, please bowed down. Besides, longboarding downhill help you achieve higher speeds, but the stop becomes more difficult.
  • Once you master the basics, you can learn to slide, remember retrofitted gloves ready for this new challenge. By changing the weight and bend the knee, then slipped back and continue to bend the knee, the pressure will gradually disappear. Remember to carefully study the manual and video instructions on how to slip the glove to be able to comply and ensure safety.
  • Stay calm and do not worry if your technique is not exactly the same as the last tutorial videos. Try to create a comfortable and relaxing to be able to slide easily and break traction.

How to longboard basics

Longboard give you time to enjoy the fun. However you should be very careful during use because if not careful, you may experience injury in dangerous situations. You should apply some useful advice: relax yourself and do not worry, suspense; aware of traffic and the surrounding area where they used; learn to slide better and new challenges; carries full personal protective equipment when training … If you’re still worried about your skis, you can go to different stores and receive a feedback from counselors fully and detailed. The paper provides basic information about this sport art. Take time every day to practice, you can develop a personal style of their own in the riding Longboard.

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