How to ollie on a longboard skateboard the easiest way tutorial

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There are fundamental tricks that every longboard skateboarder should know and that is performing the ollie. Whether you are in a stationary position or you ride down the streets and overcome some road obstacles, it is possible to do this trick and enjoy the skateboarding experience. You just have to follow these steps and practice a lot in order to perform the ollie and know some jumping, shredding and ripping curbs.

How to ollie on a longboard skateboard the easiest way tutorial

Step 1. Stand steadily on the board.

When you stand steadily on the board, you have to have a good feel with its shape, the wheel’s size and the truck’s tightness. Familiarizing the set-up is always easy when doing the ollies. But if you cannot control the trucks while crouching, tighten it until things become a bit smoother.

Step 2. Place your feet properly.

It is important to position your feet properly to master an ollie. The front foot should be positioned in the central to the longboard deck or somewhere between its bolts, while the back foot should be at the edge or tail of the deck. This proper positioning is so important in order to find your balance and perform the ollie perfectly.

Step 3. Bend the knees and crouch.

Start with a stationary position while balancing your crouch. Try not to bend the back too much.  Drop down and your shoulders should be in a level with the feet. When you crouch, try to be on the balls of the feet. But if you are moving while doing the ollie, reposition the feet in a way that these are balanced properly before jumping. You can make a tiny little jump or simply shuffle the feet.

Step 4. Jump with your front foot followed by the back foot.

To do the ollie maneuver, you have to jump first. The board will go anywhere as long as the weight is on it. Just make sure you jump with the front foot first then followed by the back foot.

Step 5. Make a strong pop by jumping up and kicking down the back of the board.

A good and strong pop is important in doing the ollie. This is the noise that comes out from the deck when it hits the ground. Most of the time, making a pop is crucial and tricky but visualizing and practicing helps a lot.

Step 6. Slide the front foot when starting to jump.

Turn the front foot inwardly and slide to the front of the board. The back leg should be brought up towards the chest. This step should be performed together with jumping.

Step 7. Pull the knees upward towards the chest.

If you want the ollie to go higher, you need to pull the knees upward towards the chest. Bring those feet up and make sure you go exactly as far as you need to.

Step 8. Make sure that the board is within the level of the ground while it is in the mid-air and land both feet.

This is important so that the longboard skateboard deck will not break off and you landed safely on the ground. Do not forget to bend the knees to absorb the shock upon landing.

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