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Grip tape is an adhesive material that is usually attached to a longboard or a skateboard deck to give more friction to the rider and allow him to control the board easily. It is sometimes placed for decorative purposes because it comes in various styles and colours. Experts in this kind of sport are usually particular in grip tapes. Before they buy a longboard or a skateboard, they choose the kind of tape they feel comfortable using, or they buy it personally in a shop to have the tape attached. However, factory fitted grip tapes are now common nowadays. When you buy a skateboard or a longboard, it already has a grip tape placed on it. This may be helpful to novice riders, but skateboard or longboard enthusiasts will never be fascinated with the factory fitted grip tapes, unless they prefer it in the first place.

So if you are one of those riders who do not want the grip tapes in your longboard or skateboard, you have two options on how to remove grip tape easily. First, you can approach a technician in a shop and pay a few bucks, or you can call someone who knows how this process is done. Second, you can remove the grip tapes all by yourself with this step by step instruction.

Step 1. Gather the necessary things you need.

Obviously, you need your longboard deck along with a new grip tape to install, a hair dryer, a razor blade, a file and a pencil. These things should be ready to remove and install a new grip tape for your skateboard or longboard needs.

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Step 2. Start removing the old grip tape.

If you have a brand new longboard or skateboard deck without a grip tape in place, you can skip this step. But if your deck has a worn out grip tape that needs to be replaced and you do not know how to remove grip tape completely, prepare your hair dryer and make sure to heat it up for a few seconds. Take note, the grip tape will start to feel sticky if you heat it up for a long time, so be cautious on this.

After a minute of heating up the tape, get the razor to peel it back. You can use your fingers to peel back the edges, but make sure to do it slowly in order to prevent ripping the grip tape into little pieces. Do not force to peel the tape if it was heated up for a while. Just give a few minutes to cool it down before you start picking it step by step.

The process on how to remove grip tape requires a lot of patience, good timing and peeling skills. If there is a need for leverage, simply place the deck on the ground, use one foot to hold the board, and start peeling the grip tape with your both hands. This step should only take you about five to ten minutes to finish, but it all depends on your efforts to do the process.

Removing the old grip tape is basically not difficult to do. Some people may approach other person to do it for them, but they also make it sure that a new grip tape is installed. The longboard or skateboard will be difficult to navigate if there is no grip tape attached to it. So if you want to do it by yourself, it is best to plan the design and prepare the necessary materials as mentioned above.

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There are some riders who prefer to install the grip tape on specific areas of the longboard or skateboard deck, while some would want it attached to the entire deck. This will all depend on your decision, the length of the grip tape you purchased, or the design you want to follow. Remember, you cannot start putting a new grip tape unless the deck is thoroughly cleaned or free from old tapes. If you see some debris, peel it with a razor or through your fingers.

Most grip tapes have a length bigger than the longboard or skateboard deck. When you attach it already in the deck, without the air bubbles, trim the excess tapes. If you want to put grip tapes on certain areas of the deck only; make a sketch on the tape, cut it out and stick it to the desired location. Once you do this successfully, your longboard or skateboard is now ready for a new ride.

Final thoughts to keep in mind

It is not difficult to know how to remove grip tape in an old or new longboard or skateboard deck. With just a few minutes of heating up and peeling the tape, you can install a new grip tape and start skating through the terrains or streets in your area.

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