How to slide on a longboard

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 How to slide on a longboard

For beginners to become familiar with the Longboard, most likely you will want to learn how to slide because this is a technique to stop immediately. It is regarded as a very good value skills important when you go downhill. Skating is a way to control the scroll wheel freely then quickly stopped without holding sidewalk and activities based on the brakes. After mastering this technique, you can continue to learn any other slide show when you were able to bend over and walk on skis.

Safety Requirements

How to slide on a longboard

Before practice, you should think about its safety. Going downhill is a relatively dangerous form so you should equip the safety equipment carefully. A helmet is made of good material to protect the skull and your brain, not to save the cost of investing in a good helmet. These are tools that can help you prevent injuries and maximum injury in any adverse circumstances. In addition, a pair of gloves is also a sliding indispensable instrument to ensure you do not hurt yourself in the process of sliding, particularly when you want to put your hand on the ground to reduce speed, system brakes. In addition, protective knee pads and elbow are also essential items to protect those parts prone to injury.

Getting started

How to slide on a longboard

  • As a novice, you should not choose hilly terrain, instead, you go to practice in areas where the terrain is flat and wide. Keep a moderate pace, put two feet on the board and bend the knees and bend forward in order to make up the forward power by changing the weight. Use 6-8 good pedal or push one foot out of the board, with particular emphasis placed on separate legs at either end of the board.
  • Place your hands on one side of the board, the others positioned between your legs, stretch the body and the use of gloves creating friction to stop. Remember to wear gloves slip to ensure safe and does not happen any injury.
  • Carve the heel is the most difficult techniques when practicing slides, so first you can apply simple way to look backwards and backwards, ensuring the hip and body movements.

Slide Requirements

Note set deck, trucks, skid appropriate when you want to practice this form. Appropriate length of 40 inch deck is ideal. For size like this, you can proactively put two feet apart on a truck. Runners can be bought from the major manufacturers and market reputation. Small wheels with medium hardness to create easily slip grip and more consistent pace

A typical sliding specs

  • Stand and began: When you want to practice slide, you need to focus on the central part weight folding tables and knee in certain degree. Standing 2 feet with a width equivalent to the distance between your two shoulders. Your heel creates engraved on the board.
  • Riding: Practice at a reasonable speed on flat terrain and then slowly squat down, you can do by instinct while heelside position and posture with this simple bow. Until you slip proficient, your back foot flat on the surface of your front knee and lean forward. This is a stable position by this time your weight is placed in the center of the table.
  • Slope and hands: This is the technique should be practiced with appropriate speed in a large space and flat. You just keep relaxed pace. However when raising your feet up, your weight is no longer concentrated in the center of the board anymore. This causes a number of disadvantages that you may fall off the board and did not create the desired style.

A typical sliding specs

After you learn the new techniques of Longboard slide, you will be able to improve their capabilities by continuing to try different types of slides. It becomes useful for you to have more experience and enjoyable experience for longboarding. However you should be aware that there is some kind of Longboard has good grip by the amount of grip too much, so you will take time to implement continuous slide. You can return to the starting position and then continue to practice until becoming proficient. Community enthusiasts and love longboarding is growing and support each other in learning and acquiring new skills.

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