How to stop on a longboard

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How to stop on a longboard?

For longboarding, you not only learn and practice the method of speed control, the new technique and virtuosity, besides that you need to learn how to control the board in an active and safe does not depend entirely on gravity. Slide brings great motivation for those who love this sport. It provides a great experience for all ages. Therefore, learning how to stop a skateboard immediately safely or slow down as well as promote the creation of its motion. The article will show show you the most common of which you can easily apply when you using.

Foot Braking

Foot Breaking

Foot Breaking

This is the easiest method and the most popular for riders. This technique can be applied when you are moving at a slow or average speed. The advantage of this skill is that it is relatively easy to learn and can be used almost all types of terrain, however footbraking will not work when the speed is too high. If you’re traveling down a steep hill, prepare the engineering needed to in order to maintain a slower speed when on the ground.

This method is suitable for beginners and does not have much experience. To implement this method, you need to apply some relatively simple steps, namely: You should combine stoop to maintain stability, emphasizing the focus on the board, get back legs parallel to the ground and glides, sliding by whole or half feet and then slowly lower the heel contact with the ground and slowly add pressure to stop. Once you become familiar with this method, you can save time to stop in a shorter distance.

Make sure the shoes you are perfectly suited to use when applying this method otherwise you could damage the shoes or hurt caused by friction. This method might destroy the soles if you overdo it too often.


This procedure can be seen as the most effective method in preventing and stopping skis quickly as possible but also is the most difficult method to practice. You can control the speed, created the turning point or stop completely without leaving the foot from the board. Determine the speed at which you want to stop based on the speed of your current move. To perform this procedure, you make sure your heel is placed on the edge heelside. You begin to carve out done by the other side because you need to navigate back to the board perpendicular to the distance to be traveled before to be able to stop. This is relatively difficult skill to be able to fully control and actively holds it. After you have set up the slide, put on weight change heels, leaning back, hip and shoulder controls slide direction. Then kick your feet in the direction of the slide after having turned 180 degrees and continue to move. Ensure leaned forward to the transition takes place smoothly and safely. You should only implement this method in flat terrain, avoid gravel, stone, wood, earth, sand, glass because it could undermine the whole slide your royal and dangerous and unpredictable.

Another advanced techniques

  • Toeside hands down slide or up slide: Similar to sliding but more easy to start, because it is a method of combining footbraking and stand up slides. To do this, you first need to ensure safety gloves, crouched low and put gravity on the front foot, left foot used to reduce the speed. Your hands should not be taken too far or too close, keep at a distance close to matching. The implementation of this procedure requires relatively more technical, so you should not depend on hand to maintain stability.

How to stop on a longboard

  • Heel Side slide stand up be done relatively easily and also be a large number of popular longboarders. By setting foot on the square on the table, slightly bend and move his hand on the ground (note the mandatory wearing protective gloves), weight evenly distributed over the surface on board for the purpose of rotation easier at low speed slide launched at high speed without consuming energy. You should start by hanging off the edge heelside heel. Knees bent like sitting in a low position. This method is more secure because standups toeside reviews from professional longboarders.
  • Running it off: Normally, the new longboarder tend to perform actions based on the reflection of themselves, when they feel comfortable. When moving at a slow speed, press can completely run out of skis safely. However, you should only apply when not acquainted with the technical virtuosity as a last resort or you can apply. Be prepared to face the trauma that you may encounter when running it off.

When intending to stop, be aimed to the lawn instead of concrete pavement. Margin before you plan to stop the move at high speed to avoid unnecessary accidents. In the process, you can put your hands up and expansion of wind power in order to prevent and reduce speed when necessary. In particular, even for the experienced longboarders, you are not allowed to indulge ourselves in carrying helmets, gloves and items other to ensure safety.

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