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You can use Longboard at any given time to experience great things and feeling enjoy new things that this sport brings. When you start investing in Longboard, you must fully comply with the rules to ensure safety and prevent risks that may occur in a number of ways, such as wearing helmets correctly, the use of gloves, protective pads, used Longboard in less populated areas and fewer vehicles to avoid any unfortunate accidents. You should slide in playground Longboard neighborhood, parks, golf ball, or sidewalk … This is a speed sport, so you have to know the tune and maintain a reasonable speed of one of, and Above all, you have to learn to slow down or stop when meeting obstacles to avoid danger may occur leading to the unfortunate injury.


How to stop your longboardThe experts provided guidance on three main methods for you to slow down and stop at will include:

Use the footbraking

This method applies when you are maintaining a low speed for normal riding techniques. You should be equipped with thin-soled shoes because this is the most appropriate type when you want to apply the method to avoid foot brake shoe affect, as well as causing major friction. During the move, to be able to use the foot brake, you must put forward gravity. You can tilt to one side to brake the legs, however this method is undesirable because it is unstable than when you drive forward. There will foot back on duty stepped out trj board after dragging on the ground. Care must be taken when applying this method to avoid serious injury may occur, based on the speed and distance, the friction of terrain to have the flexibility to improvise. Footbraking still regarded as one of the simple method, easy to perform and most preferred.


This is the most frequently applied for engraving style by moving perpendicular to the board to create resistance and stop, depending on how you position your toes. Your heel toward the front of the board to change the weight to turn corners when setting slide powerslide. In this mode, you should note that the weight is put on the back foot more to providing stability. Moving towards shoulders and hips towards the front of the board. Now the front legs act as a fixed axis perpendicular to generate. Please pay close attention to the surrounding terrain as well as to not marred by any obstacles and you can fully master the powerslide. During this process, you must remember leaning back without leaning forward, without the risk of injury will be great. After recording a 180 degree angle, you still maintain your motion but at a lower level and gradually moving to the foot brake to prevent you falling out.

Others typical methods

Besides, some other typical methods may be mentioned as Carving, Sliding, Speedbraking, Running it off, Skidding, Riding it out …

For safety equipment when using Longboard, please equipped helmets and protective equipment mentioned in the article to limit injuries to a minimum. Some tips and other useful tips that you can remember, such as holding hands open to increased wind resistance; when you want to stop, you make a plan to reduce the speed before, avoid sudden stops can cause adverse consequences; observe the space around, attention towards the lawn smoothly when you want to stop instead of rigid concrete courtyard.

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