Innovative Ways To Design Your Longboard

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Innovative Ways To Design your longboard


Innovative Ways To Design Your Longboard


Designing the longboard is fairly easy. With your artistic ability, time and effort, you can make the best longboard according to your style. Of course there are boards that are pre-designed and customized which may seem convenient, but adding a little creativity can give you a sense of pride. Longboards have been associated with skateboards but this is way exciting and fun than the later, because of its given stability. If you want to have a unique longboard, better try these tips to design the board in an innovative way.

Choosing and designing the deck

The deck is the most expensive part of the longboard which provides the platform and the body where you stand. Basically, there are variety of lengths, shapes, flexes and styles available in the market, but you can choose to make your own based on your preferred riding style. It can be a little challenging to make your own deck but you have the freedom to choose the right size. Even with a simple plywood or any durable wood you know, you can trace and cut the board accordingly, considering it should stick together for added durability.

Once the longboard becomes ready, making the graphics follows. Longboards can have a specific graphic according to your style. You can paint your own design or try to use a customized graphic sticker which can be bought in different longboard stores. Keep in mind that there are several graphic designs available online which you can take advantage with. In fact, you can order it online so you do not have to go somewhere else. You can also replace it soon once you feel making another kind of graphic design.

Choosing the right colors

The longboard deck is the most visible part where you can design and color it according to your preference. Some people would choose neutral colors while others try to mix and match different shades to come up with an attracting longboard deck. However, you can also rely on the graphics you chose. The most important thing here is to use the right colors for your longboard deck and be able to work on it for the rest of time.

Designing the trucks

The trucks are those metallic or plastic parts that connects the wheels to the longboard deck. This brings stability to the entire board and give you a better riding through the humps and bumps of the road. Trucks can be bought in different sizes as well, but these are not mostly designed for creativity. The most important thing to consider is to have the best trucks that would give a grip to the longboard while you use it. If you experience a wobble and you lose control, do not blame the truck you placed in the longboard. Sometimes, it is the distribution of weight, experience and control that you have to work on to eliminate this kind of speed wobbles.

Choosing the right wheels and bearings

Wheels have a major role to play in making the longboard easier to slide or ride. These are often measured in durometer, by which the higher durometer gives a better slide than the lower wheel durometer. Although most wheels can be bought, there are some longboard users who customize it based on their preferred style. They paint it base on the color of their deck and ensure to place some bearings that allows the wheels to spin smoothly without wobbling.

Getting the right design

There is no right or wrong in designing a longboard. You can always choose to have a ready-made board sold in different stores or customize it according to your style. However, when you design the longboard, you have to make sure that it has the right parts. Do not just assemble and design a longboard because it is fancy or attractive to look at, but you have to make sure as well that it is functional and can give you the best ride you desire. Try to make some research and create the best design for your longboard. You can always mix and match the colors and designs, in order to come up with the right longboard for your style.

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