Longboard Wheels Guide – Understand Your Longboard Deeply!

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Longboard Wheels Guide - Understand Your Longboard Deeply?

If you have got a nice looking quality longboard recently, I am sure you would be one of the many enthusiasts who would take it to the streets to cruise for a nice ride. This activity is not all about fun as you are required to make some efforts in order understand your longboard and follow our longboard wheels guide effectively. When you purchase the longboard, you need to ensure that it is properly taken care of so that you can enjoy a nice comfortable ride on each occasion.

Generally, people do pay a nice price for purchasing top-notch longboards but when it comes to maintenance they simply lack behind. If you are looking to change your longboard wheels, you need to wait a moment and follow our detailed longboard wheels guide carefully.

Understand The Basics


Longboard Wheels Guide

Longboard wheels are specifically designed to use in cruising and transportation. These wheels do vary when it comes to size but generally available between 65 to 100 millimeters. Longboard wheels are definitely bigger in size as compared to skateboard wheels due to which they are able to offer better stability and provide the user with the nice comfortable ride. Solid polyurethane is also combined with their size which really makes these wheels thick and heavy. Hard plastic cores are used which last for a pretty long time.

Understand The Hardness And Softness Issue

Similar to skateboard wheels, wheels added to longboard are launched with varying hardness in order to meet people demand. One can easily measure the hardness by using the durometer A scale. If your wheels are soft they will rate around 75a but the top rating for hard wheels is around 99a. Longboard wheels that are beyond the reach of durometer A scale mostly rely on B or D scales. These types of wheels have better accuracy and with a potential to cover numerous range of hardness types.

Wheel Shapes

In order to understand the profile of wheels, you need to focus on three aspects, diameter, contact patch and edges.



Diameter will help in understanding the size of the wheel which is so important. Wheels with a larger diameter are faster and smaller - quick acceleration. Small wheels are able to offer less inertia which is the best suited to overcome to get spinning. On the other hand, larger diameter wheels will surely have better road speed even with similar rotational speed.



It is basically the width of the wheel which touches the ground when the rider is cruising. One need to opt for wider contact width as it will assist in gaining more grip but only suffers one drawback of faster wear and tear. contact pitch

contact pitch


Basically there are four types of edges, square edge, beveled edge, round edge, and sharp edge. The user can select the edge according to his or her needs but only after gaining enough information from longboard wheels guide. How to Select Your wheel? A Quick tip!

How to Select Your wheel? A Quick tip!

When you talk about wheel size, you need to think beyond something that fits your skateboard. You must also consider your own body size. If you are smaller, better is to purchase small wheels. According to the longboard wheels guide, individuals with bigger body size will always have an advantage while using longboards as they need longboards with larger wheels. Larger wheels offer better grip and speed but still you need to look for the right wheels even if you are a big person.

Extremely hopeful, our mentioned longboard wheels guide will definitely help the longboard owners to ride in a better way along with adequate maintenance of the longboard wheels.

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