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In a sport dominated by males of all ages, it’s completely natural for a girl to feel out of place when sparked by the curiosity of longboarding. That doesn’t mean you can’t become great at it, often better than the boys. In fact, most women riders that I’ve encountered are determined to be great and beat their peers. Unlike skateboarding, in which most of the fun revolves around doing crazy tricks and often hurting yourself physically, longboarding appeals to a much wider audience. That includes girls, but also younger children and older adults who aren’t interested in doing a kick flip on a skateboard. Don’t be startled however, as there are still plenty of tricks you can do a longboard – it’s just one of many benefits that longboarding has, thus giving rise to its popularity over the last few years.

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Things To Know

Girl longboarders can get started just as young as the boys and don’t need any special equipment or modified boards that make it easier. Unlike Golf, where the ladies tee is closer to the hole than the men’s or softball where the balls are made easier to hit compared to baseball, everyone starts on the same playing field, including women. This is a great way to compete with your guy buddies, as longboard for girls becomes more and more popular, it is also starting to get more competitive.

YouTube, other websites, city streets, and college campuses are filled with girls that are longboarding. It’s almost as common now to see a female on a longboard as it is to see a male – that says a lot about the new generations. If you must know, there are no longboards designed specifically for girls. There are, however, some important features that some longboards have (and others do not) that can make the experience easier, safer, and more fun for girls who are just getting started.

Think of the size of the board, for example. Longer boards are generally more stable, allowing you to focus more on riding and less on keeping your balance. Because traditional skateboards are usually all the same size (short), they require balance as one of the key skills to master. It surely plays a role in longboarding, but as lengths, shapes, and materials differ, they are less important on some boards as compared to others.


If you are looking for a longboard for girls just getting started, there is one specific board I want to direct you to. Between the quality, price, material, features, and customer reviews, I have ranked it as the best longboard for girl beginners. I have also ranked the overall best longboard for girls. They don’t differ much, other than the fact that the first one helps you better stay on your feet and “learn the ropes”, as they say. I don’t think there is a point in paying for a top-of-the-line board if you are just learning and will probably damage it rather quickly anyways, due to the fact that it takes making mistakes to learn from them!

My recommendations are based on the superiority of the board and what will make an average girl ride better and have more fun. You can find almost any brand in fashion style that matches girls – such as a pink deck with purple wheels – but that doesn’t make them a good longboard, let alone the best longboard for girls.

The Best Longboard For Girl Beginners

If you are a novice, I highly recommend the Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo longboard. At 44-inches, a board of this length is made for stability. As I mentioned above, when you have a stable board, it makes riding that much easier and that much more of an enjoyable experience. You will be able to quickly learn the effects of leaning your body weight in different directions, the position of your feet, and the pushing motion that best suits you. If you are traditionally left-handed, you may also push the board in a reverse manner, called switch stance. It may feel awkward but it looks great and with time and practice it will become extremely easy.

This board also comes with the benefit of a bamboo deck, which is more flexible (though it’s even more important to keep it dry as much as possible) than a traditional maple deck. Finally, it is a great thing that the board is one of the most affordable on the market! As a beginner, it is OK to crash, fall over, and even get hurt at times. Just like you may take a little damage at first, your board will too. It only makes sense to start with a high-quality yet affordable longboard from a top manufacturer and then move on to a great specialty board once you have honed the craft.

The Best Longboard For Girls

If you are past the rookie stage – or if you want to skip it altogether – then you want to go after a high-quality specialty board that will fit your style of riding. While all boards can theoretically do the same thing, some are made for techniques such as cruising, others for carving, and others for downhill riding, not to mention the other forms of longboarding. The board will work smoother and it will make your job far easier as well, which is why the Loaded Dervish Sama longboard is the one you want.

I’ll be clear from the start – it is not the cheapest board on the market, not by any stretch. You get what you pay for, and nothing makes that as clear as this board. At 43-inches, it has the stability and length aspects that are perfect for cruising across town, in campus, and even picking up high speeds down a slope. Yet due to the way nose and tail of the board are shaped, it is also perfect for freestyle and doing tricks, which allows you to be extremely versatile without damaging the board (your friends will love it even more than you!). Most importantly, in my opinion, is the high-quality aspect of everything that comes on this board. The trunk is one of the strongest on the market, and the same can be said about the wheels and bearings. On most boards, avid riders will be changing their wheels and bearings pretty soon after purchase – that is not necessary with the Dervish Sama. After all, as the name implies, it is loaded. Even the deck itself uses multi textured grip tape that is long-lasting and provides the best grip out there. There is no doubt this is the best longboard for girls.

Online Reviews

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Longboard

The reviews have been piling up and that has made this board the number one seller on Amazon.com. Girls from all across the world are learning the craft on the Super Cruiser, and they have, for the most part, nothing but great things to say about it. 89% of reviews gave it a 4 or 5 star rating, meaning it’s as good as it gets. Only 5% of the hundreds of reviewers gave it 1 or 2 stars, which goes to say; you can’t please everyone.

Jenn – Over 10 months and still going great!

My daughter uses this to get around campus at UNCW. She has had it now about 10 months and it has held up well.

Briana – First time rider and she is in love with it!

Great board!!!! I literally am just learning how to ride a longboard never having come near any kind of board in my life. I find that Once I loosened up the trucks and what not, turning was easy. The turns are long and slow though, no sharp turns at all. I am okay with that because I just started riding. I am 5’7″, 140 lb girl. Awesome beginner board. I am going to college this fall and definitely will be taking it with me. Get the board!

Tracy – Not so happy

this board is low quality and breaks easily. good for beginners but not the best if looking for a good longboard

Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard

Every review this board has gotten has been 5-stars. Not one less. Which, again, allows me to say: this is the best longboard for girls.

Josh – Happy as can be!

I received it very quickly, and all assembled and ready to go. I couldn’t be happier with this board; it’s great for downhill and sliding!!!

Colin – The best available…anywhere!

Loaded decks are the best longboards on the market


One of the best tips I can give girls who are just getting into longboarding is to not be afraid. Fear can hold people back from their potential. Falling is OK – you’ll learn from your mistake after one (or ten) times and you’ll laugh about it when you’re great at it. That doesn’t mean you should be dumb, which is why wearing protective gear such as a helmet, as well as knee and elbow pads, can help you avoid getting seriously hurt. In addition, and wear shoes that you don’t mind ruining. One of the best techniques you can learn is how to control your speed with your pushing foot. Being able to control your speed is a must for any seasoned longboarder, and a casualty of such a skill is the rubber on your shoes. Aside from that, every longboard can last as long as you take good care of it. Wipe it dry when it’s wet, store it inside when it’s not in use, and don’t use it for things that it isn’t made for.


While the popularity of longboarding is skyrocketing, the popularity of the new-age sport among girls is even higher. Parents love it for ease of travel and because of how much safer it is than your old-school skateboards. Girls love it because they can be just as good if not better than the boys at it with no special gimmicks involved. They are good for the environment, good for children, good for health, and overall great for society. Nowadays you can’t walk through a college campus without seeing multiple people – very often girls – longboarding their way to and from class. It’s no longer a fad, but a new sport that will likely dominate headlines for years to come.

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