The Complete Guide to Making a Longboard

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The Complete Guide to Making a Longboard

The Complete Guide to Making a Longboard


Longboarding is a kind of sport that has gained a lot of popularity nowadays. Regardless of your riding and skating skills, you can easily pick it up and ride it with ease. But longboarding requires the best deck, trucks, wheels and bearings. If you are new to longboarding, you might be having a hard time choosing the right board or even making one. So to help you in making the right decisions, this article will guide you knowing more about longboarding sport and how you can improve your ride by making a great quality board.

What is longboarding?

Longboarding is often associated with skateboarding, but is way different from each other because of its stability and larger deck. However, longboards are used for downhill racing, daily community and slalom. People love using longboards because they can easily master to ride it any time. The fact that its size is longer than the skateboard deck, first time users will not have a hard time riding and skating it at any places and slopes. They can easily maneuver it without the worries of unwavering all throughout the ride. Thus, it is one of the most exciting sport to have.

Customizing your own Longboard

If you are a longboard enthusiast, you probably know the things you need and you want to have. But if you are a first time user, you have to gather these materials to start making your own longboard.

  • Longboard deck
  • Two trucks
  • Four wheels
  • Eight bearings
  • Longboard hardware, usually a set of 8 bolts and nuts
  • Grip tape
  • Two sets of riser pads

Choosing the type of longboard construction

Longboard construction come in different types. It can either be made of maple, bamboo and carbon fiber. Maple is a very typical longboard material. It is durable because it creates a solid and thick set up which lasts for a long time. Bamboo on the other hand, is becoming more popular because it provides a more flex shape than maple. This material is perfect for carving and cruising on the streets because it is lightweight and has a lot of flex. Meanwhile, the carbon fiber is considered to be the most expensive longboard material because it has a foam to lighten the weight, designed to help you push the board faster and effortlessly.

Choosing the type of longboard based on its purpose

When you are making a longboard, you have to assess the type of riding styles you want to do. Basically, longboards have different shapes and purpose. For instance, if you like cruising and carving around the town, you can have a cruiser longboard where its weight is evenly distributed on the skateboard deck. This board gives a good riding experience because the deck is easy to maneuver and you can safely go from point A to point B. Meanwhile, if you are the type of individual who is up for adventure, a downhill longboard is the best option. This type of board tends to have a flat and long wheel bases which provides greater stability. It does not have a lot of flex but it sure to provide a stable and high speed ride.

Buying the longboard trucks

Longboard trucks are metal T-shaped pieces that are placed on the underside of its longboard deck. It is measured by the width of the axle or the width of the hanger, and the size can either be a 150 mm or 180 mm. Longboard trucks usually have a reverse kingpin because its axle is on a different side, but is designed this way to allow an easy turning or maneuverability upon using. If you purchase longboard trucks, you have to assemble it together with the longboard parts. There is a huge selection of trucks in the market so you can buy what is best for you.

Buying the wheels, bearings and hardware

Choosing the correct wheels is important when assembling your longboard. There is a standard diameter and durometer of wheels for every type of user so you have to know and assess your riding capability.  For beginners skating on streets, parks, bowls and ramps, the average wheel size needed is 54 to 59 mm, but for experts and specialty riders, a 60mm or more diameter works best. The durometer of the wheel is also important because it measure’s its hardness. A harder wheel is faster while a softer wheel is slower but with a better grip than the later. Longboard wheels have a durometer of 78a to 84b.

Furthermore, all bearings have the same sizes so you do not have to worry when selecting one, but take note that higher rated bearings have a better quality than those that are not. Longboards also need a mounting hardware which is used for connecting the trucks to its deck. So if you buy nuts, locknuts, screws and bolts, make sure that you have the right length and number.

Final thoughts

Making the best longboard is not difficult as you may think. As long as you have the right durable materials, you are good to go. Just research how to assemble the longboard and you can start riding around the streets.


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