The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Boarding

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The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Boarding

The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Boarding

Mountain boarding is physically demanding yet equally fulfilling. This kind of extreme sport has attracted a number of individuals around the world since it allows them to roll down the mountains on high velocities and feel the hype while sliding through the bumps. However, mountain boarding entails countless falls no matter how durable and expensive the material is. Even if you get the best board in the market, it will not do any good unless you know how to work on it. So to help you get started in buying and using mountain boarding, this ultimate guide can help you all throughout.

Choosing the Mountain Board

Mountain boards have different specs, sizes and shapes. As you get to buy the right board, you learn this sport conveniently, but knowing the basic features like the four wheels and pneumatic tires, deck, deck bindings and steering trucks will allow you to choose the most suitable mountain board for your riding style.


The length of the deck is important in buying a mountain board. Little people can choose small boards while tall and bigger people can choose big boards. The longer the deck, the better the stability it provides. Aside from that, a better board construction can also help provide a better performance. Thus, choose a deck that works well on your height, weight and style.


There are two kinds of mountain board trucks – the skate trucks and the channel trucks. The skate trucks are like trucks in skateboards, but it has more weight and sturdy construction in handling rough terrains. Skate trucks are mostly found in lightweight, affordable and small mountain boards. On the other hand, channel trucks have a channel-shaped axle that attaches horizontally in a hanger. It is used mostly by beginners because it gives adjustability and stability, as it has dampers and springs for controlling the truck movement.


Most bindings have similar functionality, but it can be upgradeable whenever you want to. You can choose either Velcro straps, snowboard bindings, adjustable ratchet straps and many others. Do a research for the right bindings or you can go to a mountain board store and ask for recommendations based on the style you prefer.


Wheels are essential in improving your mountain boarding performance. Since there is a plethora of wheels to choose from, you can start a pair that can fit to the mountain board. However, it is still your choice to have a sturdy metal hub, plastic hub and so on. The most important thing to remember is that wheels should be durable enough to sustain the weight you place on the mountain board.

Knowing your Riding Style

Once you know the right gears for mountain boarding, the next thing to consider is the riding style. There are specific boards for a certain riding style. For instance, if you choose free riding, a board with 9 inches wheels are recommended to have a smoother carving in rough terrains. Brakes should also be more inclined to movement control and safety rather than speed.

If you prefer a carving riding style, your board should have a super grip traction in its pneumatic wheels so that you can carve deeply with a good precision. But if you simply want a freestyle riding like sliding, rail jumping and many others, a lightweight mountain board should be chosen. Various riding styles have different types of mountain boards. Most beginners are not familiar with this, but they can always ask someone or do some research about the kind of longboard appropriate for such riding style.

Final thoughts

Mountain boarding has quickly become a major extreme sports in different places in the world. Although it is relatively new, we would not be surprised that one day, it will be a mainstay sport among individuals who want a smooth sailing ride. Choose the best mountain board and get to see how this kind of extreme sport will give you the best feeling you never had. Mountain boarding takes time to familiarize but even beginners can enjoy the adrenaline it gives when riding. Just do it slowly and in a place where it gives a safer riding adventure for the first time.


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