What Size Longboard Should I Get?

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Longboarding is an exciting sport. If you are planning to use this kind of equipment to go to work or to a shopping mall, you will be amazed with its ability to smoothly sail towards your desired destination. Surprisingly, choosing the right longboard size is quite confusing. With various sizes and shapes available in the market, most people find it hard to make a decision. So to answer a common question on “what size of longboard should I get?” here are some helpful tips to take into account.

Know the longboard size basics

Longboard sizes are measured in length and in width. The shortest longboard deck is usually 29” while the longest one is 34”. Some of them have a narrow width of 6” to 8.5” while others have 8.5” to 11”. Most of these longboards have a different width in the middle, front and the back that is why some users find it difficult to make comparisons on which size to get. But experts say that the longboard’s width is important than its length because it determines the space in which your feet stands on. This means that the size of longboard should depend on how wide your shoe size is. If you cannot make a decision, you can choose between 7” to 10” wide longboard deck since this size works in majority of the riders.

Know the longboard size basics

The length of the longboard

Different activities have different longboard recommended sizes. If you want to fun cruise around a certain place, perform some tricks, ride on hills or race downhill, you have to carefully choose the right size and shape to make these activities effective. Most of the time, a shorter board is a great option for younger riders, but this does not mean that other people cannot ride them. Regardless of the activity or age, a penny longboard can even be used by anyone. So if you keep asking what size of longboard should I get, perhaps the best answer is a board with a length of 34 to 42 inches. This length is a very convenient size for standing on the board and sliding in a sustainable fashion.

Have a look on the diagram below.

longboard board sizes

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As you can see, the width and the length of the longboard differ. Longer boards are great for individuals who are taller and who wish to have a more relaxed cruising rides. Shorter boards on the other hand, are perfect for shorter individuals or young riders, but when it comes to midsize longboards, anyone can make use of it because this size is suitable for all riding types. As a rule of thumb, pick a longboard size that fits on your posture and activity, and you are good to go.

Flexibility matters

When you come across a longboard shop, you will see a lot of sizes and designs available. Most of the time, you will always choose the best size that fits to your needs. However, you also have to consider the board’s flex. The flex will determine the longboard’s ability to absorb shock and remain stable while riding. It does not go together with speed and not all sizes or shapes of the longboards have the same flex. Thus, it matters to know the board’s profile to have an idea on what kind of board flex you will get from it.

longboard Flexibility matters

For camber longboards that are ideal for cruising activities, most of its board flex is soft and provides excellent shock absorbent. Meanwhile, flat longboards have a soft/medium flex which is also a good shock absorber and provides some stability at speed. It also gives a spring like feeling among users. But for individuals who enjoy a downhill ride, a stiff board flex is necessary because it provides an enhanced board feeling and a stable ride at a moderate speed. Free riders can opt for a medium/stiff board flex because it gives some stability at a moderate speed.

The longboard’s kicktail

Longboards can either have a kicktail or not. Some people do not have any idea on what the kicktail serves, but for experts, this part of a longboard makes it easy for them to perform some turns and tricks. Kicktails offer enjoyment but it is usually for beginners who want to advance their longboarding skills. This also means that boards without kicktails are for intermediates and beginners who need more stability and a better wheelbase.

longboard kicktail rear

Identify your ability level

What size of longboard should I get? Well, when you are not sure on what size to get, go back to your ability level in this kind of sport. Assess yourself. Am I an expert or a beginner? Can I ride any kinds of longboards? Or can I only use a certain shape or size?

Basically, longboards are specifically designed for an individual’s level of riding. Most shapes, styles and setups are suitable for a kind of user, and there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Midsize longboards may be for everybody but when it comes to younger riders, it would be better to use a shorter longboard. Nevertheless, it is always important to be realistic when it comes to choosing a longboard size. If you are a beginner, choose a longboard that gives more stability and flexibility. If you are an expert, you can try longboards with complex designs and shapes.

what size longboard should i get

Final thoughts

When you find it difficult to choose the longboard size for your ability or need, always do a thorough research and comparison. You cannot have everything you need in one longboard because most of them are made for a specific level of riding style. Try to ask certain people for ideas or opinions. You can also read product reviews on longboards online. But most importantly, if you want to seek for answers on what size of longboard should I get, it always depends on your ability to weigh the pros and cons of the options available.

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